Omaha’s Moment in the Spotlight

Just five years ago it was unimaginable. Fifteen years it was incomprehensible. The city of Omaha is hosting both the College World Series Championship and the US Olympic Swim Trials at the same time-both events taking place before a national television audience (ESPN for CWS and NBC for Olympic Trials), both events occurring across the street from one another, and both in downtown.


View of the CenturyLink Center from TD Ameritrade Park Omaha

Let’s look at some numbers to help materialize the significance of these events from a national perspective:

  • The 2008 Olympic Swim Trials averaged a 2.7 Nielsen Rating and 4.2 Million viewers per night.
  • The 2011 CWS averaged a 1.1 Nielsen Rating and 1.3 Million viewers per game.

In essence, an estimated 5-6 Million people will have their eyes on Omaha tonight and maybe tomorrow (Game 3 of CWS Finals if necessary). That is a magnificent opportunity to help bolster Omaha’s reputation as a great events city and to further the re-branding effort that has taken place over the last decade.

Now lets take a look locally:

  • TD Ameritrade Park will likely host a sell out championship crowd, which would be over 24,505.
  • CenturyLink Center Omaha will also likely see crowds similar to 2008 figures, which averaged 12,000/night for the Swim Trials.

In using simple math, over 36,000 spectators are expected to partake in these two events tonight. That is a crowd size that has never been seen in downtown Omaha, ever.

So soak it up Omaha, enjoy the spotlight. This is an unprecedented opportunity to showcase our city. The lights are bright, let’s make Omaha shine.


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