Marquette Real Estate Strategies Conference 2012

In September of 2012, the Marquette University College of Business celebrated two key events: the 10th year anniversary of the Real Estate Program and its first ever Real Estate Strategies Conference.  Dr. Mark Eppli, Bell Chair in Real Estate and Interim Dean of the College of Business and the Center for Real Estate had the distinct pleasure of hosting Thomas McDonald, former Chief Strategic Officer at Equity International.  The approximately hour and a half event featured a keynote presentation from Mr. McDonald, a fireside chat with Dr. Eppli, and a celebration of the 10th birthday of the Center.

I had a chance to watch the videos in their entirety last night, and felt they would be worth sharing.  Enjoy.

Marquette 2012 Real Estate Strategies Conference Keynote Thomas McDonald

Fireside Chat with Dr. Mark Eppli: Marquette Real Estate Strategies Conference 2012

Celebration: 10 years of Real Estate Education and Dr. Mark Eppli at Marquette University

-Videos courtesy of the Marquette Center for Real Estate.

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